“Overthinking 过​度​思​考”, the brand new single from Dutch beatmaker Okwaro Beats, is celebrated with a groundbreaking music video. This clip is a world premiere, as it is the world’s first AI-generated hip hop music video. With the help of Gen-2, an AI system from Runway that can generate new videos with text, images or video clips, and a lot of patience, Okwaro generated pieces of film 4 seconds at a time. The video tells the story of a feline creature that travels through time and sometimes doesn’t know where he is because he’s reversing his choices. The adventure even takes him into new dimensions. The video lasts 4 minutes and the cover of the new single forms the basis for this music video. Okwaro Beats, based in Eindhoven (Netherlands), creates nostalgic but innovative beats inspired by hip hop, reggae, dancehall, jazz, soul and Dutch music. He graduated from the Dutch Pop Academy. Check out his unique beats on Bandcamp and listen to his raps in Dutch on okwaro.com. https://spotify.link/ACSlipXDYDb

”Doe normaal he” Geschreven door Stille Rapper, beat en rap/zang door Okwaro.